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all 4 me


so many puppies

titan, wip, photoshop
taking a break from baking to test something new.  going to try to make this look like a scene…eventually.


zetsu is such a momma’s boy. like he needs to shut up and get the hell out of her sleeve and fight like a real salad man.

What they said: Sakura is useless.
What I heard: Despite her growing up with talentless civilian parents and being ignored by her gennin sensei, I will hold Sakura to the standards set by the son of the Fourth Hokage who has a limitless chakra source inside him and the heir to the Uchiha clan who wouldn't have done anything out of the ordinary if it weren't for his inherited magical eyes and a curse seal. I am incapable of judging her on her own, so I won't acknowledge how amazing it is that despite her origins she became a tremendous medical ninja, helped defeat a member of Akatsuki, and saved hundreds of lives all at the age of 15. I will constantly compare her to the two most haxed characters in the world who wouldn't have done anything special if not for circumstances of birth because I'm dumb.



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